Steven Ehrbar's Personal Page

At the moment, it's just a collection of links:

Websites Main Page
The original reason for this website; a collection of Jargon Files
Pyramid Page
My (very) brief guide for the SJ Games MOO.
Keyboards Page
My various Windows 2000/XP keyboard drivers for easy access to accented letters, and related files.
My LiveJournal
Very rarely updated.
My Pen & Paper Creator Entry
I have ego, I have ego, I want you to look at me!

Game Products

The Munchkin Feats You Couldn't Possibly Imagine
An article of mine that appeared in D20 Weekly.  Pyramid subscription required for access, preview here.
 Nonhuman Rights in the Transhuman United States
An article of mine that appeared in Pyramid Magazine; high on background, low on crunch.  Pyramid subscriber link.
 Appendix Z: Golem Construction System for GURPS
Another article of mine that appeared in Pyramid Magazine; high on crunch, low on background.  Pyramid subscriber link.
Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary
I'm responsible for the Overseer.
Relics & Rituals
I did the Asaathi Battle Ring
Relics & Rituals II
Spells: Austlinan's Violent Scream, Chardun's Glory, Chardun's Presence, and Transform Dead. True Ritual: Chardun's Consecration. Magic Items: Morningstar of the Black Thorns, Sword of Divine Prowess, Warscepter of Pain, Ring of the Covenant, Vigilant's Rod, and Sorcerer's Crystal.
Player's Guide to Wizards, Bards, and Sorcerers
My Ecstatic Vision was published here, though they omitted my credit.
Dial S for Superhumans
I contributed two of the supers.

So, there it is.